Nickelodeon new video identity

Our hermanos from Argentina have created Nickelodeon’s new visual identity. It’s very brightful, dynamic and full of color. I particularly loved the color palette – the lack of specular reflexes and roundness of corners makes everything look fluffy and rubbery, just like those toddler’s toys.









Metro User Interface

Well, one thing you can not call me is an Iphone bitch after having seen this post. Although I’m an Iphone user and tend to like apple products I’ll have to say that Microsoft did a marvelous work with their new user interface Metro. I’ve recently seen the new Nokia Lumia 900, which made my iphone look out dated. The feeling of using the interface is very intuitive and, as a designer, I have to say that everything is where it should be. Very clear and objective panels that float on top of deep background makes you feel you are operating one of those Minority Report computers, just great.

Metro overview

The typography based interface is very well laid-out, with a very well defined hierarchy, making it easy for you to navigate through all the menus, images and resources within your gadget. Also, the color palette was very well thought-off, with coherent colors, without getting too obvious.

I haven’t been able to check whether MetroUI works well within a desktop or laptop environment, but I would bet on that by judging on the pictures 🙂

Messaging within Metro UI


Media browsing within Metro UI

early concept shots

Metro in Nokia Lumia 900


Salone Internazionale del Mobile – Milano 2012

On the run for more than 50 years, once a year of course,  the International Milan Design Fair, has always been one of the most awaited events for designers all over the world. This time we can find in many of the pieces shown a mix of styles and lots of experimenting, large traces of  ‘fake’ personalization and inbuilt self portraits. I have to say I get a little too cautious with this kind of thing and would have to say that only a few pieces have really impressed me. All the pictures here are from the Gizmag. You’ll be able to find more of it on the original post, here I’ve selected those which are in a way connected to what I think is the spirit of the blog.

 Milan Design Week 2012Be Open, Milan Design Week 2012

Be Open

Mendini, Milan Design Week 2012


Tao Design, Milan Design Week 2012

Tao Design

Foppapedretti, Milan Design Week 2012


Foppapedretti, Milan Design Week 2012


Max Design, Milan Design Week 2012

Max Design

Campeggi, Milan Design Week 2012


Salone Satellite, Milan Design Week 2012

Belgium is Design, Milan Design Week 2012

Salone Satellite

New MTV Summer identity by Rachel Falkenbach

Raquel Falkenbach is one of those very talented people whose works are very influential are a milestone in design. One of her latest projects, alongside Rio de Janeiro based BEELD, was a brilliant piece for Brazilian MTV. Their new summer identity is just amazing, vibrant palette and illustrations that resemble the sea depth, the new identity is beyond doubt young and innovative. Definitely a thumbs up! (via ideafixa)

UrbanArts® shop in São Paulo

This last weekend me and some friends were in São Paulo, it was fun and also very enlightening to go sightseeing in the biggest city of Latin America, but I was surprised to see how much into graffiti the city actually is. Well, that will eventually come into a post, but we accidentally came across this really nice shop located in Oscar Freire, one of those cool streets you can find many trendy shops, cool people and nice atmosphere. Urban Arts is a shop that trades graffiti and street art in general, but how do they do that? Well, besides being an art gallery in which you can buy original street art in canvases, you can also find related products such as pillows, solo and framed prints,cards and much more. Pay a visit to their website 

Atmosphere there is amazing, given you are surrounded by amazing street art on the walls, every detail has been extremely well thought, the walls onto which the pieces are displayed, all resemble city walls onto which graffiti is made.

…And you can frame your recently bought print right there!

Holaria Home Depot

Holaria is one of those local companies in your hometown that one has to be really proud of. They have been awarded renowned international prizes, their products are beautiful and well thought, either in a design way or productive way. The whole concept behind the business as well is very innovative and blends the traditions of ancient ceramics with a more contemporary look, without getting too obvious. They have just released this video where Luiz Pellanda, one of the men behind the company tells a bit more about the company and their products, you can find the video at the end of the post. You can check out their website for more of their products –