Lamped Up #02

Image moleskine laptop case 1 550x550   Moleskine Laptop Cases

Image moleskine laptop case 2 550x435   Moleskine Laptop Cases

Torigun, Songbirds in Military Uniforms by Sato

Torigun, Songbirds in Military Uniforms by Sato



Longboard Crew and Sk8cinema

Beautiful selection of videos from Juan Rayos and his Longboard Crews (girls and boys) from Madrid, including the teaser from their upcoming movie ‘Endless Roads’ – get Inspired!

Longboard Girls Crew


Winter Night Longboard


Trailer – Endless Roads


Madrid Longboard


Carving the Mountains


Moyano Nights (La Cuesta de Moyano en Madrid)


Following the upcoming talk by renowned spanish designer Javier Mariscal, I decided to post some of his work.



The Conran Shop – Visual Identity




Mariscal en la Pedrera – Exhibit

Absolut Vodka – Poster


Grand Suite  and Lounge POLTROCINA – MOROSO

Vondom – MOMA Collection

Ladrillos Bookshelf

Júlian – Magis

Visual Identity – Bancaja