Longboard Crew and Sk8cinema

Beautiful selection of videos from Juan Rayos and his Longboard Crews (girls and boys) from Madrid, including the teaser from their upcoming movie ‘Endless Roads’ – get Inspired!

Longboard Girls Crew


Winter Night Longboard


Trailer – Endless Roads


Madrid Longboard


Carving the Mountains


Moyano Nights (La Cuesta de Moyano en Madrid)


Following the upcoming talk by renowned spanish designer Javier Mariscal, I decided to post some of his work.



The Conran Shop – Visual Identity




Mariscal en la Pedrera – Exhibit

Absolut Vodka – Poster


Grand Suite  and Lounge POLTROCINA – MOROSO

Vondom – MOMA Collection

Ladrillos Bookshelf

Júlian – Magis

Visual Identity – Bancaja