Great Street art in Brazil

Inspired by a discussion with my dear Priscila Jansen from Blog Cosmopolita ( who was recently in Argentina and presented me  with some nice street art she found there, I decided to go looking for some nice colorful street art ‘home’ made here in Brazil. I’ve been paying special attention to street artists for a while now. I think their style and repertoire have been shaping today’s graphic culture, well that actually has been happening since the 60s and 70s with Keith Haring and Basquiat who mainly came out of the streets. Contemporary names include Banksy(!), Os Gêmeos and many others. Today you can find many of them in renowned museums like Guggenhein and MoMA.

(all images are property of the respective artists)


Ronah Carraro



Cranio – São Paulo

Os Gêmeos




3 thoughts on “Great Street art in Brazil

  1. Muito bom, tanto o post como o site. Em tempo, comentários em português pode? 🙂

    Adicionando aos favoritos…


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