Metro User Interface

Well, one thing you can not call me is an Iphone bitch after having seen this post. Although I’m an Iphone user and tend to like apple products I’ll have to say that Microsoft did a marvelous work with their new user interface Metro. I’ve recently seen the new Nokia Lumia 900, which made my iphone look out dated. The feeling of using the interface is very intuitive and, as a designer, I have to say that everything is where it should be. Very clear and objective panels that float on top of deep background makes you feel you are operating one of those Minority Report computers, just great.

Metro overview

The typography based interface is very well laid-out, with a very well defined hierarchy, making it easy for you to navigate through all the menus, images and resources within your gadget. Also, the color palette was very well thought-off, with coherent colors, without getting too obvious.

I haven’t been able to check whether MetroUI works well within a desktop or laptop environment, but I would bet on that by judging on the pictures 🙂

Messaging within Metro UI


Media browsing within Metro UI

early concept shots

Metro in Nokia Lumia 900